Become a host family

If you would like to become a host family for students staying in Oxford or Torquay, please read our guide lines below and complete our on-line application form. The host family organiser will contact you to make an appointment and provide you with further information.

You must live in, Oxford or Torbay. We regret that we cannot accept applications from outlying villages or towns outside those areas.


Our students come from many different countries throughout the EU and the rest of the world.

Students range in age from 12 years to adult including senior citizens. In Oxford all students are 16 years +.

Collection & Departure

In Torquay you are normally required, to make arrangements to collect and drop-off your students from the designated arrival and departure point. You will be advised of the location and times before the start of each course. Students staying in Oxford or those who book individually and are not part of a closed group, normally make their own arrangements to get to your home. You will be advised of their approximate time of arrival.


If you take two students they may share a twin-bedded room except when otherwise advised. Bunk beds are not acceptable, except for our very young students. Z-beds, collapsible camping beds and blow-up beds are not permitted. Placing three or more students in the same room is not allowed unless this has been agreed in advance with our host family organiser. Students MAY NOT share a room with a member of your family.

If you have foreign students, from another organisation, staying with you at the same time as accommodating our students you must inform the host family organiser. Please ensure students have a wardrobe/cupboard in which to hang their clothes and some drawers for storage.

Always explain the hot water/shower system as many British systems differ from those in use abroad. Please provide towels, as they are very bulky to carry in luggage particularly with weight restrictions.

Your home MUST be fitted with smoke detectors and it is very important to show the students all fire escape routes and how to unlock windows etc...


Students are told to expect normal British food. It is a good idea to ask if they have any particular likes or dislikes especially in relation to their packed lunch. For example, many students do not like marmite sandwiches or salt and vinegar crisps. Families should provide breakfast, packed lunch and an evening meal. In Oxford, host families only provide a packed lunch at the weekend. Most students would normally have their main meal at lunchtime in their own country and so get very hungry by midday. A packed lunch should consist of sandwiches/rolls, biscuit/cake/crisps, fruit/yoghurt and a drink. Students look forward to staying with a family and want to share meal times with you. It is important that in the evening, whenever possible, you sit down together to eat.


It is not always possible for students to bring enough clothes for their entire stay, especially on the longer courses, so please make laundry facilities available for them or include their essential washing with your own wash.

Sickness & Medication

Please ensure that you check with your local surgery the procedure to adopt if a student becomes ill. Host families are not permitted to administer any medication, including aspirin and paracetamol to students. In all cases the host family organiser must be informed if a student is unwell.


Lessons are held each weekday morning, and on some courses, also take place in the afternoon. Lessons are compulsory and students should leave your home to arrive in good time. On most afternoons there is an activity/excursion programme and a full day excursion on a Saturday or Sunday. The activity programme is compulsory for all students under 18 years of age. Host families are provided with a programme detailing the itinerary.


We do not specify a curfew time in the evening unless we are requested to do so, but leave it to the discretion of host families taking into account the age and maturity of the students concerned. It is most important to know where students are going in the evening, if they are not on one of our organised events, and what time they will be home. Young students should not go out alone. Students under 18 are not allowed to visit pubs, and host families are not permitted to offer alcohol to students under the age of eighteen.


Students over 16 years must be given a door key during their stay with you. We recommend the key is attached to a key ring with the telephone number of the host family organiser written on it.

Students Going Out

Before students leave your house ensure that they have your correct address and telephone number written down, and that they have this information with them at all times. If they have a mobile phone, please make sure they have stored your phone number. Likewise, it would be advisable to make a note of their number. Please give them details of bus stops and bus numbers to and from your home. Students should be shown on their map where your home is and any other relevant places. It is most important that host families help students find their way around during the first few days of their stay.

Insurance and Damage

Host families are advised that they accept students as paying guests into their home at their own risk. The company Oxford College of English Ltd. and/or its agents and representatives are not liable for any damage caused by a student. We will however provide reasonable assistance to help you recover the cost of any damage from the student or their parents. Any damage claim must be reported before the end of a course in order that the necessary forms can be completed. Host families are advised to make sure they are covered under their household insurance policy.

Change of Circumstances

Please inform our host family organiser if your family circumstances change or for example:

  • - Someone in your house starts or stops smoking
  • - You take in a lodger
  • - You gain or lose pets – some students have allergies
  • - You take in or expect to have foreign students from other organisations
  • - You are no longer able to offer a single room for a student when this has been requested
  • - You intend to place three or more students in one room
  • - You are using bunk beds

A change in circumstances does not necessarily mean that we will no longer be able to allocate a student to stay with you. It does however help to ensure that the students we do place with you will be happy.


Host families are paid in accordance with the terms and conditions which will be provided by our local organiser.


If you have any problems concerning our students please call the host family organiser. It would be very much appreciated if you do not call after 20.00 unless it is urgent.

Application Form

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