Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most commonly asked questions, if you still have questions or would like more detail, please use use our contact form and we will be happy to answer you questions, regarding English language courses and accomadation

How will I recognise the person meeting me at the airport ?

The person meeting you at the airport will be carrying a sign 'Oxford College of English' and wearing an Oxford College of English T-Shirt. They will also have all of your information, including your name, flight details and onward transportation. They will normally be standing at the barrier where you come out after collecting your backage. They will be looking for you and are usually very good at spotting our students. If, for some reason, you do not meet up with them, go to the information desk and ask them to call the representative from Oxford College of English. Stay near the information desk and they will come to you.

Which is the most popular course centre ?

Students tend to like our different language course centres for particular reasons. Torquay is very popular with students in the 12 - 25 age range and is our busiest centre. We also run an excellent adult course in Torquay. For students, over 16, who are more interested in an intensive course, that is not combined with an activity programme, then Oxford is for you.Students who attend our courses in Oxford are quite independent, and do not require the support of a group leader. So you can see, that depending on what you require, we have a course centre that will be 'right down your street'!

What happens if I get sick during the course ?

If you need to be seen by a doctor, your host family will arrange for you to visit their practice. If you like, a group leader will also go with you. If you are a member of the EU or from a country which has reciprocal health care arrangements you will need to take your passport and E111 form or international medical insurance documentation. This provides you with free medical help, however, you will need to pay for any prescriptions. If you are not a member of the EU, you should ensure you have a comprehensive medical insurance. It is recommended, that all of our English language students take out a full insurance before the journey.

Will I get a certificate ?

Yes, all students are given an Oxford College of English certificate upon successful completion of a course. You will be expected, unless you are sick, to attend school each day, on time. Your teacher will also write a report, detailing the progress you have made.

What should I do if I think I am placed in the wrong class ?

The first thing to do is tell your teacher. They are very sympathetic to your needs and will listen to what you have to say. Sometimes, when you first arrive, because you are nervous and perhaps lack a little confidence in using English, you do not perform as well as you actually could. Therefore, you may just need to settle down and have time in the class. You may, of course, feel the lessons are too easy. The important thing is that if you and your teacher feel that the class is wrong for you, arrangements will be made to correct the situation. It is always best to discuss any problems.

Are we given homework ?

If you are on a holiday course, we do not usually give homework except if perhaps you have not completed a task that was given in class. Sometimes the teacher may ask you to think about a particular topic to be discussed the following day, or, if you are going on an excursion, you might be asked to take note of certain things. If you are on one of the intensive courses, there will be occasions when you are given homework, especially over the weekends.

Do we have to take part in the optional activities or excursions ?

No, these are entirely optional, and are offered as extras to give students the opportunity to participate in more things. You have to pay for the optional activities and excursions, if you take part, and they can be paid for at your course centre once you have begun the course.

Will my host family live near the school ?

All students would like to live only a few hundred metres from the school, but in reality this is impossible to arrange. You should be prepared to travel to school each day by bus. A weekly bus ticket costs about £14 - £15. Your host family will help you and provide information regarding the local bus routes and how to get to school.

What happens if I do not like my host family ?

At Oxford College of English, we do our best to place you in a good host home. Sometimes, for whatever reason, a student is not happy and we immediately take action. We would discuss the problem with the student, and if for instance they did not have enough food or couldn't work the shower, we would get it sorted with the family. If, however, there was a personality clash or they were allergic to an animal for example, we would arrange a new host family. Whatever the problem, big or small, we would endeavour to solve it.